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Vote like your life depends on it, because for some of us, it really does. For those who aren’t aware, the Trump Administration has proposed revoking the changes made by President Obama on the grounds of gender. This would remove current protections of equality for over 1.4 million trans* people in America in the workplace and in society. Worse of all, this would remove protection of nondiscrimination under the Affordable Care Act for trans* people. Denying those in the hardest of positions access to medicine and medical services.

When you go to the polls, you are not just voting for yourselves, but for every one in our country (and to a greater extent, our world). So, when you start filling out that ballot, think of your friends, family, and co-workers who may soon be discriminated against.

I won’t tell you who to vote for. Nor will I continue writing (stop wasting time and vote!). At this day and age, most people have their mind made up. But, if you’re an independent like myself, or are looking for a change, check out the links below. Remember, some ballots may have local and state proposals that are separate to the candidates!

– Athena 🦉 🇺🇸

Further Reading

Candidate Information:  

Vote 411: In depth information on candidates

CNN: Voter Information, Where, When, etc. 

Isidewith: Unsure your ideology? Get matched with candidates and issues. 

FiveThirtyEight: Statistics on the Elections

More: Discrimination Administration

NYTimes on Trump’s plan

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