Dear Testosterone

Dear Testosterone,

To be honest, I have hated our time together. You’ve brought me nothing but trouble: Body hair, a deep voice, an icky smell. And poor old estrogen was just tossed in the corner, as you cause terror.

Well, it’s over. It was never meant to be. I know you will bring joy to many others, cis and transmen alike, but not to me. I look forward until the day that estrogen finally rules my body. When I can finally be myself. No longer just accepting the things you bestowed upon me, but loving the gifts of E. It’ll certainly take me some time to turn my life around. To undo all the harm you’ve caused, but once I do, I know I’ll be me.

Athena 🦉

This was written for Hannah Witton’s ‘The Hormone Diaries Project’. With her project she has raised awareness around hormones in my situations: Birth control, emotions, and most recently, transgender HRT. It’s certainly worth the read if you have time.



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