I’m Still Alive

Obligatory Portal Reference

I’ve been super busy recently due to travelling back to University. It’s been a bit of a nightmare, but I’ve begun to get it under control. I start back up with Uni tomorrow, so my time is limited. That said, I have a lot to talk about still!

I want to hear your opinions, though, on what you want me to talk about. Here’s some of my ideas so far:

  • Religion and being Trans
    • About my transition from faith to agnosticism/atheism due to my identity.
  • Articles 11 and 13 – Regarding the EU
    • This would be about how writers like myself will become limited in our educational posts.
  • Self-Hate
    • Self-hate due to trans* issues.
  • Disability
    • Do I consider myself disabled, how far should we stretch this term?
  • Anxiety Explained for those Without It
  • Post-Modernism and Labels
    • Yes, I understand a lot of my blogs revolve around ContraPoints topics, but I do like to add my own twist and to expand on said videos.
  • Trans and the Perception of Femininity
    •  Another Contra video, but something I’ve thought about for a while. Do transgirls have to be overly feminine to “pass” (visa versa for transguys) And further with NBs and having to express trains opposite to their assigned sex.
  • Athena’s Guide for LGBTQ+ Vocab for Allies
    • List of important vocab for new allies to learn. This would be in easy to relate terms. Similar to my other posts so far, but sorter.
  • Coming Out
    • I came out to my mom, so that’s cool. Story to follow.
  • Bisexuality and Sexuality in General.
    • Discussing sexuality, romantism, and “expected preferences”
  • Make-up
    • I bought a bunch of make-up and I feel so good.


So, yea, there’s a lot to talk about. Feel free to comment below on which posts you’d like to see next. I’ll aim for a new post next Tuesday, but understand that some posts may take more time than the others.

Thank you! 💙


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